Friday, January 4, 2013

All the Single Ladies Say “Meeeeeooooow!”

I sincerely hope this doesn’t ruin a childhood friendship of mine, but it was such a funny misunderstanding, I had to share. This actually happened to me last week:

IM between me and my friend Mary: 

Me: Please find a nice way to tell Rob that making his cat his Facebook cover photo is not going to help him with the ladies. 

Mary: haha
except for me 

Me: Right. Except for you. 

Mary: ha
i just sent a message 

IM between me, Mary and Rob 

Mary: are you trying to lure me or katie into a love spell with your new cat-lady-attracting banner? 

Me: Meeeeeoooooow! 

Mary: oh no, it's working! 

Rob: *awkward IM silence* 

Me: Don't try to hide from our charms Rob...we're the only single girls left. 


Trust me I'm very flattered. The logistics of trying to date either one of you would be damn near impossible, between Mary living half a country away and Katie busy with kids, school, career etc. I also have to tell you I really don't see you in that way. I hope you can understand that.


Me and Mary: *awkward IM silence*

IM between me and Mary 

Mary: ummm yeah. rob totally took my IM seriously? UMMM WTF? 

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...oh my god.

IM between me, Mary and Rob 

Me: That’s okay. We only date our men as a team anyway. 

Mary: Totally 

Me, Mary, and Rob: *awkward IM silence forever*

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