Monday, September 13, 2010

To Cope or Not To Cope

My Facebook Status:  “I start my first three (two and a half really) college courses since 1999 today.  Da da da daaaaaaa…super mom-dom here I come!!”
I enrolled in a program (that consists of many online courses and some old-fashioned classroom courses) designed for students age 24 years and older.  Soooo…in one of my courses they asked us to discuss ways we are going to cope and manage our time on our journey back to college.  This was my OFFICIAL answer:
“I have been thinking a lot about time management.  I am taking three online courses this semester.   I manage two children on my own who are in multiple activities, coach both their soccer teams, work full time, and also play soccer myself (soccer is my “me time”).  I am mostly worried about being awake enough to do my best on my school work.  I believe the right thing for me is to go to bed when the kids do and wake up early to work on assignments before work.  I also have some time on the weekends to work on assignments and have started setting a more strict homework time for the whole family before bed.”
Boring right?  It is going to kill me to try to be serious in these classes.  The following is my UNOFFICIAL Guide to surviving this period of my life:
I will not lose my mind due to my busy schedule.  Busy is good, keep on running.  Eat my dust losers.
I will learn to say “hell no” to needy people so I have time for my assignments AND sleep.  I don’t care what you think, my future is more important than your neediness.
I will eat well, exercise and get solid blocks of sleep so I have the energy for my life and more importantly, the energy to crush other players at soccer.
I will not let my sense of humor jump out the window; humor is the key to coping.
I will scream, cry and throw tantrums to get help when I need it.  Not psychiatric help…help in getting the kids to their activities.   Geez. 
I will live by my planner (people who live by their planners suck, I realize this) so I do not forget anything important.
I will stop holding myself to impossible standards; everyone could use a break sometimes.  It is impossible to be perfect, it is impossible to be perfect, it is impossible to be perfect…
I will not let the idiots, the perverts, the assholes, the crazies, the drama queens, or the bosses (who also fit into all previously mentioned categories) get to me.  I am working on a new life; I am serenity.
I will breathe deeply and eat ice cream, but probably not at the same time. 
And finally, I will follow this advice every day:  “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”  -Mark Twain

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